PsoPortugal – Associação Portuguesa da Psoriasis

Rua Alberto Sousa, No 6
Bairro do Rego
1600 - 002 Lisboa

Tel.: +351 21 7978201
E-mail: info@psoportugal.pt
Website: www.psoportugal.pt

PsoPortugal aims to protect the patient with psoriasis, promoting care and medical research on the pathology, supporting patients and their families, cooperating with similar national and foreign associations.

PSOPortugal has as main objectives:

  1. Promote improved quality of life of patients with psoriasis in their personal context, professional and social;
  2. Promote social and cultural initiatives in order to raise awareness about the disease;
  3. Work in conjunction with the national authorities to recognize psoriasis as a chronic disease;
  4. Cooperate with the national research health agencies, providing information to therapists and patients about the outcome of different therapies;
  5. Publicize credible sources of technical information, including medical experts, types and forms of treatment;
  6. Defend the patients rights in terms of professional and social activities;
  7. Maintain and establish protocols with associations and other entities, with the aim of sharing experiences, information and support with regard to dealing with the disease;