What is Europso

EUROPSO was founded in November 1988 and is a federation of psoriasis patients’ associations based in the geographic region of Europe. As an umbrella organisation operating within Europe, and as a Member of IfpA we have close ties to the worldwide psoriasis movements – the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA), the United States-based National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) and to the Nordic Psoriasis alliance (NORDPSO).

The european
umbrella organisation
for psoriasis movements

Düsseldorf 2010 - Membermeeting with IFPA

Our vision

Europso is the strong-voiced ambassador and negotiator for psoriasis patient associations in Europe. Europso's actions are directed especially towards the supra-national level of the health authorities and related organizations, the health professions, associations and companies, and the media.

Our mission

In order to attain our vision, our outbound mission is to raise awareness of the psycho-social, medical and financial needs of psoriasis patients, and influence political and administrative policy and decision makers.

We aim to

  • Strive for social and economic integration of psoriasis patients in Europe by dispelling prejudices, and all other forms of discrimination against psoriasis sufferers.
  • Foster and improve treatment of psoriasis, and stimulate research into the causes and consequences of psoriasis.
  • Promote contacts and co-operation between the national psoriasis associations and other organisations pursuing equivalent aims.
  • Improve the quality of life of psoriasis patients and their families.
  • Obtain recognition from the European Union and other European or international institutions.

Our activities

  • We advocate in favour of equal treatment, opportunity, and information for all psoriasis patients in Europe.
  • We are the reference source for pan-European information on psoriasis.
  • We support the emergence and establishment of psoriasis patients' associations in emerging European countries.